MY MISSION: it's simple

To get beautiful photos of you and your people into your home

AND to have you say, "I can't believe how easy that was!" when we're done.

MY MISSION: it's simple

A few of my titles include wife to Eric, homeschooling mama to Evan, Connor and Owen (plus Cooper the doodle) and motherhood photographer.  I'm a creative through and through and love any activity that allows me to design or get crafty. I started my photography business in 2021 and decided very quickly that I only wanted to pursue family photography. Getting to deliver galleries that I know another mama will cherish is a true honor.

Fun (and slightly surprising) fact: We didn't start having professional family photos taken until 2020, after my third son was born. I didn't grow up having annual family photos, so it just wasn't something I thought about once I started having babies. But man, how I wish I had photos from those earlier years. Now, we have family photos taken multiple times per year because I know one day I'll cherish beautiful photos of all of us together even more than I do now.

hey there, i'm kayla!

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my people.

Let me introduce you to                    

Motherhood defines the way I approach photography.

In fact, if I weren't a mom, I don't know that I would have the passion that I do for family photography. 
I know the joy that comes from receiving beautiful images of your most cherished humans (and actually getting to be in the photos with them). I say it often - this job is an honor to me, and I mean it. I am so so grateful to my clients for trusting me with creating these treasured images.

Behind my Images 

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