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My Recipe for a Successful Family Session

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Today, I’m pulling back the curtain to share my secret for creating not just a beautiful family portrait but an experience that captures the genuine connections shared by every member of the family. I believe in the magic that happens when we embrace the chaos and let the real, authentic moments shine through.

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1. Embrace the Chaos

Let’s kick things off with the first ingredient: chaos. Yep, you read that right. I don’t need perfectly posed angels to capture beautiful photos of your family. Kids being kids, exploring, laughing, and, yes, maybe even having a meltdown. Life is beautifully messy, and so are the best family moments. Please believe me when I say – your kids don’t need to be on their best behavior because, trust me, I’ve seen it all. With three boys of my own, I’ve mastered the art of handling whatever delightful surprises little ones throw our way.


mom, dad and baby smiling at the camera

2. Capturing Relationships

Now, let’s talk about what really matters: connection. It’s not about everyone looking at the camera with a rehearsed smile; it’s about capturing the sweet, genuine relationships within your family. Whether it’s a stolen hug, a secret giggle, or a tender moment between mom and child, those are the snapshots that will tug at your heartstrings for years to come. They’re my absolute favorite!


3. Candid Goodness

I usually start my family sessions with the “everyone look at the camera and smile” photo. These photos are important and my galleries always include a good variety of them. They’re the ones you put on your Christmas card or the big frame over the mantle. But these aren’t my favorite photos. When I’m editing galleries, or designing albums for my clients, it’s the candids that tug at my heart. The way a toddler hugs mom around the leg and stares up at her in awe. Or the way everyone bursts into laughter when I ask who has the stinkiest feet and everyone screams, “daddy!!”  These photos tell the story of your family.


7. Trust the Process

Last but not least, the best family sessions happen when my clients trust the process. I’ve been around the block, camera in hand, capturing the wild and wonderful essence of families for years. Trust that I’ve got this, and all you need to do is be yourselves. The result? A gallery filled with images that not only look beautiful but feel like you.

Here’s to embracing the chaos, capturing real connections, and creating a visual story that reflects the heart of your family. Let’s ditch perfection and dive into the wonderfully imperfect, where the magic truly happens.

Hey, thanks for scrolling to the end! I’m a Knoxville photographer offering family, maternity and newborn photography in a natural light studio or on location in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding area. Want to read more about what it looks like to experience a KFP session? Click here for more details or contact me to book your family or newborn photo session!


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